Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Do You Make A Dogs Stool Firmer What Can I Add To My Dogs Food To Firm Up Her Stool?


What can i add to my dogs food to firm up her stool? - how do you make a dogs stool firmer

If soft stool is a recurring problem, I would like to avoid parasites to a vet to see. Then I tried a different brand of dog food is of high quality. Canned pumpkin can be used to regulate bowel movements, but it is very important to know why it is not normal, and try to start with first.


LORELI said...

Perhaps you could add something to your question - maybe a few details?

* Have you found a stool sample to your vet if it does not need worms or bacteria that medication to clean?
* What kind of food do you do it? Radicals?
* Is the stress experienced dog lately?

If the answer to these questions is yes, and no premium dry food, and no, no ...

You could try to sound or feeding the dog (or shredded wheat bran cereal breakfast) or the addition of canned pumpkin to add.

Otherwise, you may need a raw food diet. If you feed a chicken, beef or lamb-based food, you might consider a hypoallergenic diet "with a duck, game or fish. The lamb is no longer as "hypoallergenic" because of its widespread use.

winterru... said...

I know nothing about the addition to food for them. Some causes of loose stools is overfeeding and feeding with a diet of low quality. The first thing I see is how I feed the dog. Once you try on the day of food, divide the party in half and feed twice per day. If you eat twice a day trying to cut the part. If the dog wants to try weight, losing several high-quality foods, until I found one that works.

Anonymous said...

"The dog is sick?
Tip: Rice

Is this a common problem?
The dog may have a sensitive stomach, it sucks, but it happens and you have to watch what you eat.
Go to the vet. Tell them that your dog is constantly sick, you should check to ensure that there is a serious problem.

Coonhound Girl(Wallflower) said...

If it is not in a good quality food - changed, and the determination to the dregs. It also makes life a lot easier to clean the yard. I have three large dogs and the cost is worth it.

Dani B said...

If you have a feed quality dog food - dry variety - close to the saddle.
If it continues to have diarreah, should definitely get to a vet.

S@VE The Tigers! said...

Feed her good quality food fiber, such as Innova. If this fails, a veterinarian can help a firm chair for you. Good luck!

zyplin said...

I just cooked for a few good dog biscuits Hardy no milk or meat

PS. Egg makes your skin glow in conjunction with cookies

eenie meanie said...

If a random thing, which I then add the Parmesan cheese to the food ... that support, and they love the taste ...

straycat said...

Dry dog food and no people! Buy a brand that is a lot of "filling" of good quality!

Texas Rottie said...

Add a little canned) pumpkin (not pie filling. To seal this amount of fiber and excrement.

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